League rules

  1. The league is a series of 10k races to be held on a Tuesday fortnightly between April and July commencing at 7.30 pm or 7.00 pm as agreed by the committee.
  2. Eligibility is restricted to members of the league’s constituent clubs and members of those clubs who are affiliated to England Athletics or any successor organisation.
  3. Each Race will be organised by a nominated club who will take responsibility for each aspect.
  4. The cost of entry will be decided by the committee each year.
  5. In exceptional circumstances guests may take part with the formal permission of the League committee and the committee will decide whether any guest will be included in the results.
  6. Club colours of the affiliated club must be worn.
  7. The number and timing chip allocated to the specific individual must be worn.
  8. The minimum age is 17 on the day of the first race in any year.
  9. Age categories for the league are determined by reference to age on the day of the first race in any year.
  10. No person may represent more than one club in a season.
  11. First and second claim members of the league’s constituent clubs will count for both individual and team results. However, an athlete many only run for their second claim club if their first claim club is not one of the league’s constituent clubs.
  12. Individual results will be determined by aggregate points. Points are awarded for position, 1 for the winner, 2 for second and so on. The number of races to count for the final results is the number of races that take place, less one for teams and 2 for individuals. Runners completing fewer than the number of races to count will not qualify for the final results. Runners who have completed all or all but 1of the races will have their worst result(s) disregarded.
  13. Male and Female and age category results will be determined by reference to that category.
  14. Age categories will be 10 year bands from age 35 for females and 40 for males.
  15. Teams will be the leading 6 from a club in any race (A team), subsequent 6 (B team) and so on, for Males. For females, it will be the same principle with 4 in a team. The order is determined by reference to total points as individuals in a category aggregated.
  16. The final position for the year is decided by reference to total points in all the races for individuals, and positions for teams, disregarding the worst performance(s).
  17. Awards of trophies will be decided by the committee.
  18. Matters of doubt will be determined by the League Committee or the Appeals Committee whose decision will be final. The membership of the League Committee is covered in the constitution.
  19. Headphones and personal Music players must not be worn during races and wearers may be disqualified.
  20. No pacing is allowed in the race from anyone not competing in the race or who has competed but has finished. Only series entered runners are allowed on the course during the race.
  21. The York and District Road Race League events are organised and marshalled by volunteers who need to finish marshalling, dismantling the course and all the jobs involved in closing the race in sometimes fading light. It would be appreciated if runners complete the course within the 75 minute time limit for race finish. If you are not currently at this standard, please speak to your club representative before entering.

Adopted by the committee January 2023